Our facility caters for the needs of different communities and religions.

Our Services

We endeavour to provide all families with the best possible service throughout the whole process of bereavement.  

The staff at Seven Hills are here to help with regards to either the funeral service itself or memorials. We will be able to guide you through what is undoubtedly a difficult time.

Our Service Aims

Our Aims

Our aim is to allow families to bid a meaningful farewell to someone who has been dear to them. This means that we will do all we can to accommodate both traditional religious funeral services and other alternative forms of farewell, recognising that each funeral is a unique event to say good-bye to an individual, to be thankful for and to celebrate all they have meant to family and friends.

Our Facilities


The crematorium has a wide range of facilities which include: toilets, disabled toilets, baby changing unit, a hearing loop, over 200+ car parking spaces and an overspill from the Chapel into the waiting room where you can see and hear the service on the screen provided.

Seven Hills Services Seven Hills Services Seven Hills Services

Funeral Services

The first service of each day will commence at 09:00 with subsequent services occurring at 45 minute intervals throughout the day until 16:30. Services can be also held at a later time or on Saturday mornings (subject to surcharge). Each slot will allow 30 minutes maximum inside the chapel but an extended chapel slot can be booked if the family so wishes (subject to surcharge). The chapel has a music system for any desired recorded music and also a resident organist.

Table of Fees

Our Offices

The Office

The office opening hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00; where our dedicated team are here to provide you with the services you require and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Our Grounds

The Grounds

You are very welcome to visit our grounds to look around or visit loved ones, they are open every day throughout the year, Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00, weekends and public holidays 10:00 to 16:00.

We respectfully request that all flowers are removed from any packaging and laid loosely on the ground or placed in vases provided by the crematorium. No personal items or unofficial memorials are permitted this includes glass vases, candles/lanterns, wind chimes, gravel, artificial flowers, fencing and ornaments anywhere within the gardens and woodlands. Any such items will be removed. Seven Hills strives to keep the grounds as natural as possible and therefore ask for your co-operation.



Following the service the floral tributes will be on display in the courtyard where you can take your time to read the cards and messages. The flowers will remain in the courtyard for approximately 7 days. You are welcome to take the floral tributes away with you.

Scattering Ashes

Scattering of Ashes

Cremated remains can be interred and memorialized in any of our glades or gardens, alternatively ashes may be interred within our Circle of Remembrance at no charge where the ashes will be laid to rest in a monthly segment.


After the bereavement of a loved one so many families express a wish for some form of record to perpetuate their memory. It is for this reason that a tasteful range of memorials are provided at Seven Hills Crematorium to mark their final resting place.    

Our staff are available to give informative advice on options available at Seven Hills Crematorium and to guide you through the process of choosing a memorial. Our aim at Seven Hills is to preserve the natural feeling of the site for everyone to enjoy for years to come and we hope to achieve this by offering only natural memorials. Some of the options available include the following:

Memorials Memorials Memorials Memorials Memorials


Our staff are familiar with all forms of remembrance and offer sympathetic advice upon request. If you feel you need any assistance, please call the Crematorium office on 01473 655614 or call in person when visiting the grounds.  

Memorial Price List

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Memorial Application

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Book of Remembrance Application

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Book of Remembrance

Click to view our book of remembrance online.

We respectfully request that all flowers are removed from any packaging and are laid loosely upon the ground or placed in vases provided by the crematorium. To maintain the natural woodland quality, we do not permit the placing of any ornaments or personal memorial anywhere within the gardens or woodlands and reserve the right to remove such items. Seven Hills strives to keep the grounds as natural as is possible and therefore ask for your co-operation in these matters.